9 CI 255


Our friend, Kelly 's QTH is located in the area of London Ontario. 

London is a Canadian city in southwestern Ontario, just north of Lake Erie and the U.S. border.


Founded in 1793, it takes its name from its counterpart in England.

Nicknamed the "Forest City," London has an abundance of urban parks and woodlands.

In the pioneer times, travellers would find London as a cleared area in the middle of a huge forest which had to be travelled through to reach the town.


Visitors today will perceive London as a treed area in the middle of cleared land.


It  has numerous landmarks, festivals and attractions :

whether you are an outdoor adventurer , a museum lover or a foodie amateur, London Ontario offers something for everyone.

The London Knights, ice hockey team from London Ontario.

Banting House is the former house of Dr. Frederick Banting; the inventor of insulin.

Today, the house is a museum dedicated to his life and his discovery of insulin.

Just a few minutes west of London is the Delaware Speedway, which happens to be one of Canada’s oldest continuously operating tracks. The speedway opened in 1952, and since then has hosted numerous races.

Snowboard in Bull mountain.

Kelly is an experienced operator who got the bug of Dxing from his dad when he was only a young lad.


"Our first CB radio was a  walkie talkie in the late 70'sc"  says Kelly.

"It was only one channel, channel #14 AM and with dad I would listen to people talking.


Then one day he bought a 23ch AM only CB for in the house with a 64 wave Realistic 5/8 antenna that he and me put on the roof of the house .


Not long after this the new 40 ch CBs where starting to become available so when he could afford to buy one, we made the change over but it only  had AM.


Then when I started living on my own I got into SSB radio.

That rig was a realistic TRC-449 mobile that I used as a base station with an Antron a-99 with the ground plane kit.


My rig was still stock for a long time until some one told me about a guy that did mods to CB.


Well that opened the door for dxing for me for a long time . Then I bought a second hand Emperor ts-5010 and started dxing the world.

I still have this radio .

My first HF rig was a Kenwood ts-440s WOW  !!! now I am a big station with 100 WATTS and an Antron a-99 antenna  =)"



When he is not Dxing, Kelly enjoys watching racing cars and specialy at the Delaware Speedway (see above).

Kelly's modesty  prevents him from telling us the numerous countries that he has worked.


Gentleman on the air, Kelly is the type of operator that could give inspiration to many Dxers beginners just starting  the radio.


I personaly made contact with Kelly in 2010 and I will never forget it.    

I was calling on T5 and on that day there was not much on the band.


I QSYed and who came back to me ? Kelly from Ontario Canada ! this was my first contact with Canada and I still have the lovely postcards that he sent me on the wall of our shack.


This is radio, this is our passion : great contacts, unforgettable contacts that make our hobby so exciting.

Kelly is a great SWLer  and will unexpectedly pop up, coming back to your call.

Good SWLers make great operators because they have learned how to listen.


We are looking forward to meet you again on the band Kelly,

best 73's



QSO with Kelly in 2010