8 CI 964



José lives near the  "City of the kings", capital of Peru : Lima.


Its founder, the conquistador Francisco Pizarro  named it City of the Kings in January 1535.


Lima is the largest city of South America.

It  is located in the central coast, along the Pacific Ocean.

With its 8 million people, made up of different races of the world, it is home to nearly 30 % of the population fo Peru.

Active since 1998 Jose is an experienced operator who has worked all DXCC in South America and many DXCC around the world.


His first radios were a Cobra 148 GTL and a Pacific SSB 800.


Now he is transmitting with the Ranger RCI-2950 CB radio that covers from 26 to 32 Mhz with 25 watts power and a Starduster antenna.

As Jose is very competent at carrying out repairs and modifications to his radio equipment, he enjoys meeting with his radio friends for technical discussions.

QSL via 104 CI 101