68 CI 999


Darren's QTH is located in Ardglass,  a coastal fishing village in County Down, Northern Ireland.


The village of Ardglass is a  fishing harbour and Darren is one of the many fishermen who go out to sea for deep sea fishing.

The port specialises in herrings, prawns, and whitefish.


The village is also a commuter centre for workers in Downpatrick and Belfast and a seaside resort.

Ardglass is also well known for having one of the most spectacular golfcourses on the coastline of  Northern Ireland.

When Darren is not Dxing or fishing at sea, you will certainly find him at this gorgeous golf course.

 Darren is  an experienced and very enthusiastic operator who enjoys Dxing around the world.


"I first got involved in radio 11m after 15/20 years listening to my friend Brian on the amateur bands." says Darren


"In 2017, I bought my first radio, the ss3900 Super star radio with an output power of 7 Watts.

I was using this radio from my home base along with an Antron 99 antenna and I still use it when I am at my QTH.


"I love Dxing portable mobile and one of my favourite spots is Slieve Croob, a mountain with a height of 534 metres in the middle of County Down.


I started a net on Slieve Croob and I now travel 30 miles every thursday evening for running the net and I am trying to get few more operators involved.

















My mobile setup is a Lincoln mk 1 transceiver with a kl 203 amplifier and an Antron99 antenna.


I have a Sirio 827 vertical antenna which I will put up when the weather isbetter.

Slieve Croob, Mourne Mountains

Even though Darren loves the radio hobby, spending time with his sons is very important to him.


Sharing a soccer match, playing darts, horse riding are all occupations that Darren enjoys doing with his family.


At present Darren is teaching the radio hobby to his son Jamie, hoping that he will catch the bug =)

The Charlie India DX group is very proud to have such a dedicated ambassador and we wish you the best of luck with your Dxing Darren