67 CI 001    Gustavo

Gustavo lives in the west part of Paraguay, in the city of Filadelfia which is located 450 km away from the Capital city Asuncion.


Filadelfia is the capital of Boquerón region in the Gran Chaco of western Paraguay.


It is the centre of the Fernheim Colony, which is where the first group of Mennonites  fled from Russia to Germany (26 april 1930).


Filadelfia resembles a suburb of Munich builtin the middle of a sandy desert.

The giant dairy cooperative is the soul of this quiet town that is mainly an agricutural aera.

Gustavo is a very experienced operator.

He started the radio hobby in 1990 with various radios, among them an ALAM 100 and an old K40 5/8 antenna that was set on top of his Wolswagen car.

In 1998 he had to leave the radio for professional reasons.


He returned on the air with a Vertex VX 1700 transceiver and  several home made antennas.



"Empese por los años 1990 hasta 1998 con varios equipos destacando el ALAM 100 y el GENERAL 80 con una vieja antena k40 de 5/8 en un movil wolsvagen escarabajo, despues deje la radio por motivos laborale y otras circustancias retomando el 2018 con un par de equipos Vertex VX 1700 y antenas de fabricacion casera."



Gustavo has lost count of the number of DXCC and QSOs from all continents that he has bagged :


"among them , Italia, Francia, España, Alemania, Canarias in Europa,

Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Estados Unidos, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Rca Dominicana, Cuba, Trinidad y Tobago in Amerrica,

Mosambique y sudafrica in Africa etc etc..."

After going through various radios and antennas, Gustavo is now working with a  Vertex VX1700 transceiver and a 3-element full-wave Delta Loop Antenna with a rotator.


ALL of Gustavo's antenna are 100 % homemade and he is proud of his own manufacturing.

For his mobile station he still uses  a Vertex VX 1700 rig and a 5/8 K40 antenna.

Gustavo enjoys any type of DX but among all the contacts he prefers like most of us, working NEW ones =) new DXCC


"Aunque prefiero trabajar nuevos DXCC, soy una especie de colecionista jajajaja.

Pero mi agenda se basa en el dia procuro DX a zonas donde no pude haser QSO o no tengo en mi mapa conexion establecida pero si aparece un amigo de alguna emisora conocida aprovecho la oportunidad de entablar contacto y saludar manteniendo la cordialidad de todo aficionado.

Por mi zona en este nuevo periodo aun no e participado en activaciones ni concursos y aqui los QSO normales son dificiles ya que no hay otro en 11mts en muchos kilometros."



One of his most memorable contacts took place locally within Paraguay with an operator that was no further than 450 km away from Gustavo's QTH.


As there is no operator in his area Gustavo describes it as a 'silent zone" from a radio point of view, making contact with a Paraguayan station was like a miracle.


Gustavo loves also making contact with his "Paraguayan brothers" who  live throughout the 67 division : MISHA 67 CI 172, David 67 CI 101, Eduardo 67 CI 097, Kike 67 CI 257, Hugo ZP6EUA and Nestor 67 AT 135  "whom I always carry in my heart and my prayers."

Sincere thanks to our great ambassador from Paraguay, we wish you the best of luck and much more enjoyment on the radio.