56 CI 101



Pierre lives in the western part of Finland, in a town called Kristinestad which is located on the shore of the Bothnian Sea.

In Kristinestad, the average annual temperature is 3.9 °C.

The city is known for its old town with low wooden houses and narrow alleys.

CB radio  has been Pierre's hobby for the past 30 years.

Very experienced operator, Pierre has built many radio towers and antennas.

Due to the cold winters and rough weather  in Finland the antennas and gear have been built to stand against the extreme weather conditions.

Pierre's working conditions consist of a Ranger 2950 DX with its original microphone,

a BV 131 amplifier,

a five element long boom Yagi and an Antron 99 vertical antenna.

The antennas sit on top of a home built telescopic  tower which is 22 meters high.

Peter uses a  yaesu G 450.xl rotator.


He has worked 234 countries with this station and I have made many friends around the world.

One of Peter's best contacts was with a station on Kodiak Island in Alaska.


Peter's other hobby is touring on his motorcycle. He has toured most of Europ, except for the Eastern countries.


Meet Pierre on the air