45 CI 120



Zdenko is an experienced operator who lives in Beočin  which is a town and municipality located in the  province of Vojvodina, Serbia



With elegant towns and beautifullandscapes as well as delicious wine, Vofjovida is Serbia's most fascinating region.


The province oF Vojvodina is also the agricultural heart of Serbia, and the region supplies much of the country’s wheat and corn (maize), sugar beets and oilseeds.

On the air since the middle of the 90's, Zdenko is a fully licenced ham.


Ambassador of the Charlie India DX group in Serbia, he has worked and confirmed many DXCC on the 11m band.


He encourages and helps new operators starting in the hobby and the CI group is proud to have Zdenko as coordinator of Serbia.


His working conditions consist of a Sommerkamp TS2000DX and a Kenwood TS50S transceivers with a Zetagi BV2001 linear.

He uses a 3 element skyper antenna and a 5/8 vertical – both antennas homemade.

Zdenko enjoys all types of DXing, his favourite radio activities are operating portable and taking part in contest. He loves to team up with his son Filip 45 CI 121 in portable challenges.


Over these past 2 years, he was won several awards and prizes in various contests.

When he is not Dxing Zdenko, likes to spend time with his family or cooking for his friends.



Meet you on the air Zdenko, good luck with your  DX !