3 CI 030



 Tuka is an experienced operator from São Caetano do Sul which is a city in São Paulo state,  Brazil.


São Paulo sate is located in the Southeast part of Brazil and its capital, the municipality of São Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil.


São Paulo is Brazil's largest urban area and ranks among the top 10 most populous in the world. Between 1950 and 1975, São Paulo was also among the globe's fastest growing urban areas. ... São Paulo became Brazil's largest urban area, displacing Rio de Janeiro, in the middle 1960s


The metropolis  with its   international influences in commerce and its strong economy  is the wealthiest city in South America.


 On the air since 1994,  Tuka has worked many DXCC on all bands.


Tuka still remembers his first days on the air, he was in his bedroom with his brother, trying to make contact with Palestine.

Falling in love with the hobby, Tuka could stay up all night, listening hours and hours until he  meets "a" station and taking the risk to wake up all his family in the middle of the night.


Taking part in contests, working new DXCC, activations, making ordinary QSO, he likes all aspects of the hobby.


His working conditions consists  a CB radio Cobra 148 GTL, a Yaesu FT450d, a Kenwood TM731A, a Yaesu FT250m and a Yaesu FT 2700rh.

Tuka is using several antennas, among them  the Yagi 3 elements.


 In recognition of this involvement with the CHARLIE INDIA radio group, Tuka was recently appointed "CI Director for 3 division".


He will lead the CI team from Brazil that will soon activate 3 CI/DX


We wish Tuka and the team the best of luck !