26 CI  2121


Adrian lives in the borough of Nuneaton in the county of Warwickshire in the West Midlands.


Just an hour from London, Warwickshire county with its 

medieval castles and ancient legends, is known as the eclectic heart of England.

Nearby you will discover the traditional towns and villages and watch the history come alive as you explore William Shakespeare's birthplaces in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Our CI reporter has interviewed Adrian 26 CI 2121 :


How long have you been on the air Adrian ?


I started on Stalker IV CB radio back in the late 1970’s and operated on AM, then FM and SSB as my shack improved for about 4 years.

How many DXCC have you worked  ?


Each year I reset my DXCC count.

In 2018 I have worked 43 so far. Not as good as last year at this point.

I hope to work many more before the end of this year, especially the CI activations.


What are your working conditions ?


I have a collection of radios in QTH. I am currently using a Kenwood TS-850S lineup with Antron 99 antenna.
















I also enjoy Dxing mobile, using  aYaesu FT-857D with Yaesu ATAS antenna.

When we asked Adrian, what is his favourite memory about the radio,

here is the lovely answer coming from a gentleman :


The best thing about the hobby of radio? It is how I met my wife!

We were both on 27/81 FM CB radios and spoke regularly.

We met for the first time at an “eyeball” in 1981 and we are still together 37 years later.


Other than that, 2018 has been a good year for me on 11mt.

The highlight of this year has to working Tobias, 74CI006 not only was it a long distance but also a new DXCC for me.

I also enjoyed taking part in my first 11m contest as 26CI2121/P and even managed to get into 3rd place!

And as you can see the trophy has pride of place in my shack.

What are you other hobbies ?


Spare time is taken up baby sitting my granddaughter.

We have two dogs. Barney who is an Elk Hound and Teddy who is a Pomeranian plus a horse called Mellon and a cat called Beans.

I also service and maintain my 17 year old Volvo V40 that we affectionately call Valery and my 2006 Alfa Romeo GT JTS which does not have a name.

I enjoy cycling on the canal towpaths (when its not raining) on my mountain bike.

For rest of the time you will find me somewhere on the bands.

























We hope to meet you on the air Adrian

and we wish you happy DX and lots of good contacts on the band.


Best 73's from CI HQ.