16 CI 555


Wesley's QTH is Bilzen, a town and a municipality which is located in the eastern most part of Flanders in the province of Limburg.

If you like walking or cycling in the forest, the province of Limburg is a paradise of nature.

The region, with its mining heritage, and the gorgeous castle of Alden Bielsen  also  shows great memories of the past.

Wesley is a very enthousiastic operator who started the hobby very recently and  even though the conditions are extremly poor, he has already worked 14 different divisions.

Dxing with courtesy, professionalism and determination, Welsey is already respected by the radio world communauty.


His working conditions consist of an old President Lincoln along with the  Maas KM9900 U-D Microphone. 

He is using 2 antennas : the 4 element Yagi beam from Sirio, and a Venom 5/8 vertical antenna.

When he is not in  his shack, Wesley enjoys traveling and he has visited many  countries : among them, Canary Island, Tunisia, Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Turkey and Cyprus.


He loves music and playing guitar is another one of his favourite hobbies.

Another way of relaxing is to chill out with friends.


We look forward to meeting you on the band, good luck with your DXing.