14 CI 177


Olivier's QTH is located  in  the most northernly departement of France which is  Nord.

The departments of Nord (59) is part of a new region  called, rather surprisingly, "Hauts de France".

Surprisingly because everywhere else in French names the word  "Haut", implies altitude. This however is the lowest-lying of French regions, bordered on the north by the English Channel and the North Sea, on the northeast by Belgium, and on the south by Picardy.. 

This is the region of France that is most easily accessible for day trips or short breaks from the UK or Benelux countries.

In historic terms, this area, the far north of France, covers most of what was once the French part of Flanders, and the old province of Artois. Yet if we are to be quite honest, it is not a area that people in France tend to think of in terms of tourism.    

However, the area has many interesting towns and cities starting with Lille, the regional capital, and one of the great historic cities of Flanders; other interesting towns include Arras, Saint-Omer, Boulogne, Douai and Valenciennes, and there are many more places and sites of interest. 



On the air since 2010, Olivier is an experienced operator who has worked and confirmed

175 DXCC with various call signs :  14 CI 177, 14 ED 177, 14 EM 177, 14 FDX 177.


He is a very keen contester who loves taking part in challenges and contests.

He enjoys chasing activations as well as workind new divisions.


One of his most exciting memories is logging 38 division, Greenland


At the moment, his working conditions consists of a Kenwood TS 140 transceiver and a Yagi directional antenna : the XY4 by SIRTEL.

When he is not keying the microphone, Olivier likes to go fishing for trout but what he really loves  most is spending time with his family.




We are looking forward to meet you on the air Olivier !